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The project "Social-Transport card" implies automation of system of provision and accounting benefits in the transport, social, housing, medical and, if needed, other areas of economy.

System tasks:

- Payment - social cards usage as a bank account access tool, all social welfare payments address transfer;

- Social - social discount in trade and services implementation, targeted compensation use depending on the needs of benefits recipients;

- Transportation – calculation of provided discount services on public and rail transport and clearing of payment for services rendered;

- Housing and communal - provision payments and accounting of benefits for housing and communal services;

- Medical - medical insurance and emergency assistance systems; discount drugs provision and delivery calculation, in particular electronic prescriptions adoption.

The System can solve other problems, which will provide additional services for cardholders and will improve consumer properties of the card.

Basic principles of System construction:

- to provide benefit recipients opportunity to choose "Social card" media type (NSMEP, VISA, Master Card, etc.) and use already existing developed infrastructure;

- to use the means of public funds saving through a credit card issue partial payment and use of already developed and implemented modules of the system, ready for replication;

- openness to cooperation with both government agencies and local developers and integrators of all regions of our country.

The structure of social-transport card media

Introduction of an electronic card, which will combine bank and transportation cards, is proposed as the social status media. Use of such combined card has following advantages:

- Ease of use - one card instead of three (bank, social, transport);

- Costs of cards production minimization due to partial costs of issue coverage by banks which receive new clients;

- Additional features of banking services in social projects implementation (loans, etc.).

Card with two chip-modules, and a magnetic strip (VISA, MasterCard, NSMEP, etc.)

Project benefits

- Key system components have already been developed and used industrially in the country and Kiev;

- Developers of intellectual solutions and IT-technologies are specialists from national organizations;

- Use of existing banking institutions telecommunication infrastructure and hardware;

- Participation of banks in financing of further system development and social cards issue;

- Bank resources involvement for lending operations in the system;

- Really fast project implementation taking into account urgent tasks, which have been set for the social field reform.


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